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The Power of Marketing - Diamond Shreddies

This well-known cereal company, launched a quirky ad campaign centred on one of its core products: Shreddies. The bland and relatively tasteless whole wheat cereal was first introduced on the market over 60 years ago. Sold only in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, Shreddies, even though enjoyed by consumers, had lost pizzazz in the public eye and company executives soon realised that it had been many years since any marketing attention had been directed its way.

Toronto-based marketing agency rose to the occasion with an expansive, and consequently, award-winning, marketing campaign hinged around a very simple concept: turning the square cereal on a 45 degree angle to give the questionable appearance of a “new Diamond” variety being created. The campaign included an array of communication tactics that involved print, billboard, television, and a new cereal box design. However, where the campaign truly picked up steam was on the Internet via social media.

A website,, was developed, on which a video was launched in September 2008. The video features the “president” of Shreddies introducing a regular/diamond cereal box combo-pack. A unique teaser campaign was put together to promote the video, and press releases were sent, specifically targeted at bloggers and social media web portals.

I think everyone knows by now that it is a joke but the brilliance of the campaign can be attributed to the simplicity of the idea behind it, Without a doubt it was the use of social media that made it a success. The PR professionals involved recognised early on the importance of utilising social media in communicating messages to large audience groups.

Social media, whether we like it or not, is a major part of how the world communicates today.

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