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B2C & B2B  Direct Mail

Although online digital marketing plays a key part in any successful marketing campaign there is still room for direct marketing mediums such as direct mail. It has been said that direct mail marketing is making a comeback and mail volume is up sharply in some industries,

When compared to other marketing channels, direct mail marketing can yield higher conversions and thus higher return on investment.  All these factors are encouraging because direct mail done properly is among the most responsive of all media.  

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Strategy

Because of the cost factors, production time and many moving parts, you can’t afford careless planning in direct mail marketing campaigns. We work with our clients on every step of direct mail marketing, or as many areas as you need help—starting with list procurement through copy, design and print production management. Increasingly, campaigns are part of a multi-touch, multi-channel effort that can include direct mail, email, online advertising, and telemarketing efforts. We help clients with all channels, and we make sure their direct mail strategies align in message and timing.

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